Student Organizations

The following is a list of all currently active student organizations related to Latin America and the Caribbean across all Harvard schools.




Harvard Latino Student Alliance

The HLSA promotes Latino and Latin American groups and activities across the university and organizes Latinx Graduation at the end of each school year.


Harvard Argentine Student Society

HASS agrupa a estudiantes, profesores, trabajadores e investigadores argentinos que actualmente se encuentran en la Universidad de Harvard, así como también a los residentes de Harvard interesados en nuestro País. La asociación fue fundada en la década de 1990 y desde sus inicios ha promovido la presencia de Argentina en Cambridge a través de una gran variedad de actividades como conferencias, seminarios y encuentros sociales y culturales.


Harvard Caribbean Club

The Harvard Caribbean Club promotes a better understanding and a greater awareness within the University and surrounding communities of the peoples, affairs and culture of the Caribbean through the sponsorship of cultural events and fosters a greater sense of community among students of Caribbean ancestry within the college and Greater Boston.


Harvard Colombian Student Society

The purpose of the Colombian Student Society is to provide a space for intellectual and cultural gatherings among Colombian Harvard students and the larger Harvard community. Through discussions, films and forums, it seeks to provide awareness and better understanding of the current political, economic, and social situation in Colombia. Through cultural and social events, it aims to promote cultural identity.


Harvard University Mexican Association of Students

The Harvard University Mexican Association of Students groups students, faculty, workers and researchers from Mexico currently at Harvard as well as Harvard residents interested in Mexico. Founded in the 1990's, HUMAS has promoted Mexico's presence at Harvard through a myriad of activities such as conferences, seminars, as well as as social and cultural activities. HUMAs is also a bond with organisms affiliated to Harvard in Mexico such as Fundación México en Harvard, Club México en Harvard y Harvard Alumni Mexico.


Harvard University Association of Peruvian Students

HAPS is the official Harvard-wide organization that brings together students, professors, alumni and researchers interested in Peru.

Harvard College

  • Ballet Folklorico de Aztlan: Founded in 1971, Harvard Ballet Folkorico de Aztlan is the oldest Latino organization at Harvard. It is a social and cultural organization whose purpose is to spread Mexican culture and heritage by means of Mexican traditional folk dances. The group seeks to promote greater awareness and interest in both ballet folklorico and Mexico through performances, instruction, workshops, and other educational activities.
  • Candela Salsa Troupe: Harvard Candela Dance Troupe is a student run dance group that performs Latin dance at a variety of Harvard events. We are a non-competitive dance group that seeks to promote Latin dance in the Harvard community and create ties between Latin American students and the greater student body through the love of dance.
  • Concilio Latino: Concilio Latino is an "umbrella" organization for all the Latino/Latin American groups at Harvard College. The organization provides a forum for dialogue, coordination, and communication for the Latino/Latin American community''s cultural, performing, political, social and publication groups on campus, while also expanding awareness to the larger Harvard community on pertinent Latino/Latin American issues.
  • HACIA Democracy: The Harvard Association Cultivating Inter-American Democracy is the world's oldest and most prestigious simulation of the Organization of American States (OAS). The organization is staffed and entirely administered by Harvard undergraduates. The staff and the Board of Directors of HACIA work throughout the year to deliver a successful conference every March aimed towards high school students interested in democratic advancement and development.
  • Harvard Model Congress Latin America: Harvard Model Congress (HMC) is a government simulation conference run entirely by Harvard students who are passionate about international relations, government, and teaching. HMC is committed to providing an immersive educational experience for high school students from across the globe.
  • Harvard National Model United Nations - Latin America: Founded in 1955, Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN) is the largest, oldest, and most prestigious conference of its kind. Staffed entirely by Harvard College undergraduates, HNMUN brings over 3,000 students and faculty together from colleges and universities around the world to simulate the activities of the United Nations. Since 2012, HNMUN-LA has brought HNMUN's well-established model abroad and adding educational and social initiatives in order to give delegates a distinctly Latin American experience.
  • Harvard Undergraduate Brazilian Association: The goal of HUBA is to bring together students from or interested in Brazil together in an effort to foster networking opportunities and to increase awareness of Brazilian culture and tradition throughout campus through cultural events.
  • Mariachi Veritas de Harvard: Founded in 2001, Mariachi Veritas de Harvard is Harvard's only mariachi band. The group is completely student run, with newer members learning the craft from older members. Throughout the year, Mariachi Veritas performs a variety of concerts and gigs throughout the Boston/Cambridge area such as Harvard's Cultural Rhythms Festival, Jamaica Plain's "Wake Up the Earth" Parade, and Peabody Museum's Día de Los Muertos Festival. Members comes from a variety of musical backgrounds from mariachi to classical to folk, though all share a love of mariachi music.
  • Presencia Latina: Presencia Latina is a Latino and Latin American cultural show. Our aim is to aid in the artistic expression of Latino and Latin American culture through music, dance, poetry, and visual arts. We hope that by attending, participating, or helping organize the show, that both Latinos and non-Latinos will explore Latino and Latin American culture in a new light.

Harvard Business School

  • LatAm Club: The LatAm Club offers a strong and engaging community of Harvard Business School students and partners that share an interest in Latin America. The club aims to represent Latin America region on campus, promote Latin American business and culture, and identify career opportunities for MBA students. The LatAm club organizes an annual Latin America Conference at HBS.

Harvard Graduate School of Education

  • Latin America Education ForumThe LAEF Conference is an annual gathering of educators, researchers, entrepreneurs, and policymakers at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


  • Harvard Argentine Tango Society
  • Latinx Student Association: LSA is an interdisciplinary organization committed to building community and providing intellectual and social support among students currently enrolled in graduate programs at Harvard University. The association provides members a space to meet and discuss the graduate school experience.

Harvard Graduate School of Design

  • Latin GSD: The Latin GSD is a student organization that works towards the discussion of topics that are currently relevant in Latin American countries.

Harvard KenneDy School

  • Brazilian Caucus
  • Colombian Caucus
  • Latin America Caucus
  • Latin America Policy JournalThe LAPJ is a publication that collects perspectives from regional leaders and practitioners on contingent policy issues and gives them a platform to engage in constructive dialogue with each other in the search for best practices and collective learning. Our mission is to initiate respectful, thought-provoking debate between consolidated and emerging leaders across Latin America and their American counterparts. We envision a region where collaborative efforts between countries improve the quality and scope of policy making. The Latin American Policy Journal is innovative, inclusive, non-partisan, independent and opinionated.
  • Mexican Caucus

Harvard Law School

  • Brazilian Studies Association: The Brazilian Studies Association (HLS BR) promotes the collaboration between students, scholars, professionals, and individuals who are interested in discussing various issues related to Brazil and Brazilian culture. It seeks to increase the interest in, and understanding of major legal, political, economic, cultural, and social issues that characterizes Brazilian society. Membership is open to all current Harvard Law School students, faculty, and staff, or those pursuing joint or concurrent degrees with Harvard Law School.
  • Harvard Mexican Law Student Association: HMLSA fosters multi-cultural dialogue about the pressing issues that affect Mexican society and its relations with the world.